Custom made phat pants — medium design with free matching suspenders

Custom made phat pants — medium design with free matching suspenders


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Phat Pants and Shorts Measurement

Custom Made Phat Pants — Medium – With Free Matching Suspenders

Phat Pants Measurement

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Custom made phat pants -- medium design with free matching suspenders $215.00

phat pants custom made – medium design – delivery 5-8 weeks approximately (from the date the pattern is finalised and all correct measurements given to us)  –  more reflective materials than on the basic but not as much as on the top end design is our medium design.

phat pants. Custom made phat pants. Shuffle pants. Rave pants.

custom make your pair of phats. Send Us pattern details or design before you purchase. We will need to look at it and decide what you need to purchase ( basic, medium or top end )based on the complexity . Basic design – small amount of reflective work & top end has a lot of reflective work involved. We will send you a photoshop before we create ( revisable up to two times ). We are happy to send you the first photoshop obligation free before you purchase. Revisions can be made up to two times after you place the order..

the below information is designed to guide you through the process of ordering your own design. If you have any questions please contact us.

if you do not want to draw/create and send us the design just email and tell us what you want on your pants. Advise us on the colours you would like on your pair. You could send us links to something you have seen online and would like on your pants. Example: smiley face, stars, transformer etc.

the pattern must be simple. We hand cut the patterns that are sewn on to the pants

we have 10 colors available to use. These are deep blue, uv green, uv pink, uv yellow, uv orange, violet, white/clear, dark green, gold and red. We can change the color of the pattern for you at no additional cost depending on availability. Phat pants carry a 6 month warranty. You must read our faq page for care and washing instructions.

we custom make all phats so we can make any size. Size 38 inches around the waist or bigger can incurs an additional fee. This covers the additional postage cost incurred also.

we will adjust the crotch marginally if your waist measurement is 28 inches of less. For the thigh area, we will also adjust the measurements so that we can achieve the baggy fit. Providing us with the right measurements will expedite the customization and will allow us to deliver the pants faster. We will email back if we have any queries so make sure you add contact us to your safe list. ordering and shipping of phat pants

warranty and care for the phat pants

customized phat pants from alternategear have 6 months warranty from the day we despatch your order. To avoid destroying the pants, make sure that you wash them separately and have them washed by hand. Use a little amount of detergent and hang them dry as soon as you’re done washing in shade. Remember to not squeeze the pants. Store phat pants in a cool place away from sun.

if you are interested in purchasing phat pants, make sure you get one customized from alternategear right away. It’s easy, affordable and reliable.

the reflective material pattern we do around the legs – we do not let the pattern go around the pants and on to the inside leg area. We do this so they do not rub against each other, scratch and rip in a short time. Custom patterns that we do may appear to be going around the leg fully but they do not please note. From our experience if they rub against each other in the inner thigh area they rip and fall apart from there in a few months.

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