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With the Fusion Backpack strapped on, every trek is an adventure - even a bus ride to work. That's partly because two large zippered compartments store everything you need, while a front zippered pocket and side mesh pouches are perfect for stashing those little extras, in case you change your mind and take the day off.

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To convert inches to centimetres or vice versa head to onlineconversion.com/length_common.htm

Select measurements provided in inches and centimetres. 1 inch or 1" is 2.54centimeters. Example 40" or 40inches = 101.6 centimetres Phat pants are hand made to order with reflective material sewn on.

Alternategear is known for customizing accessories and clothing. If you want Alternategear to customize Phat pants for you, just buy the pants online and send us your measurements. We can make your own designs too. Just send them to us for a quote info@alternategear.com.au

Phat pants come with 6 pockets in total. 2 deep ones at the back and 4 on the front with two small zippered pockets inside the front pockets.

Send your body measurements to us or get the measurements from a pair of your own pants that fit well. Refer to the template above. Measure your waist, inner and outer leg and also the thigh. If you’re measuring from a good fitting pair of pants add 2.5 inches or 6.4 centimetres to the waist measurement to get the actual circumference. Example: you got 16 inches across the waist measuring from a pant. Your actual waist is 16 X 2 + 2.54 = 34.54 inches. Round it to up 35 inches) We adjust crotch, thigh and inner leg measurements to create the baggy fit. Waist and length measurements must be accurate. We will make the waist and length of your pants exactly what you send us. We do not adjust these two measurements. Wear shoes when you measure yourself for length so you get the required length with shoes on. Crotch - The default crotch measurement for men’s pants is 13 inches and for women, 11 inches.. If you would like it to be smaller to make it look more flattering instruct through order comment box or in an email. Thigh - Wrap the tape measure around one leg closest to the crotch area to arrive at the thigh measurement. We adjust to this to make it baggy so do not add any inches or centimetres to what you send us. Inseam - Crotch to bottom of hem with shoes on. We make girls’ hipsters for no extra cost. If you’re female we need the around the hip measurement plus the outer leg measurement from the hip to the bottom of the hem. If you’re male please tell us you want the pants to sit on your hips so we can reduce the default crotch length to suit. Please note we have kids’ sizes.

We have 12 colours available to use. These are deep blue, UV green, UV pink, UV yellow, UV orange, Violet, white/clear, dark green, gold, black, grass green and red. All these colours reflect under a strobe light, camera flash, car head light or some powerful source of light. Some colours glow ( fluro / neon ) also under a black light. These colours are orange, pink, yellow and uv green. These four colours reflect also. None of our pants operate on batteries. No LED on pants also. >

We can change the colour of the pattern for you at no additional cost depending on availability. You can do this now during the order process. If you request for a colour change at the time of order we will get you a photoshop in the next few days for you to see and approve. The official order date will be the date we confirm/finalize the pattern with colour change applied. Wherever response is required and it hasn't come through to us, the order will be delayed as order date moves to date you confirm. If it is a straight forward colour change like white to green we will not be sending you a photoshop so original order date will stand.>

The reflective material pattern we do around the legs - We do not let the pattern go around the pants and on to the inside leg area. We do this so they do not rub against each other, scratch and rip in a short time. Custom patterns that we do may appear to be going around the leg fully but they do not please note. From our experience if they rub against each other in the inner thigh area they rip and fall apart from there in a few months.

We custom make all phats so we can make any size. Waist sizes 38 inches or bigger incur an additional fee of between $10 & $30. We adjust the crotch marginally if your waist measurement is 28 inches of less. For the thigh area, We also adjust the thigh area to achieve the baggy fit. Providing us with accurate measurements is essential for customization and allows us to deliver pants faster. Add info@alternategear.com.au to your email safe list. We may need to contact you about measurements. The default bottom width of our pants is 16". Please specify all your preferences for colour and materials in the comments box that appears before you check out. Let us know if you’re using a pair of well fitting jeans or your body for the measurements. If you prefer email this to us at info@alternategear.com.au with your name and order number. We’ll contact you if in case we need more information. We do not collect crotch measurements through the field no more. For some sizes we would require crotch measurement. We will email you if we need this from you

Ordering online from Alternategear is easy, secure and fast. Just follow our instructions on the website.

DELIVERY 6-8 weeks from the date we receive order with all correct details


We use post office to ship. Occasional delays does happen. If you order Crankypants phats + hoodie bundle delivery approximately 8 weeks. Your design or our design modified - Phat pants & Hoodies approximately 6 weeks from the date we finalise design. Suspenders 3-5 weeks.

Email:info@alternategear.com.au We do have 50% of suspenders in stock and ready to ship. If we have run out, we can make them and ship in approximately 4 weeks. Your order status will say 'Processing' till we ship them out. Once we ship this will change to 'Completed' For international delivery, combination or ordinary airmail and courier is used. We have just introduced a slower but cheaper service to Europe. If you are outside of Australia put down your street address as some freight company's do not deliver to post boxes.

New update 1/6/2015 Crankypants' phat pants, hoodies, suspenders and bundles are now are made overseas so need to be shipped to Australia. We have lowered the price of products recently but unfortunately have to charge shipping cost incurred shipping it to your address from overseas. You can now get us to deliver Crankypants' items quicker. Select express shipping for a 4 week delivery

Delivery is calculated by weight for international orders. /a>

Click & read - Alternategear postage terms & conditions

Customized Phat pants from Alternategear have a 6 months warranty. The warranty date begins from the date we despatch. You will receive an email when we do. To avoid damaging the pants, make sure you wash them separately by hand. Use a small amount of detergent and hang them to dry in the shade immediately. Remember not to squeeze or wring them. Store phat pants in a cool place below 31 degrees celcius, away from sun. If you’re interested in buying Phat pants, get customized ones from Alternategear right away. It’s easy, affordable and reliable. Please contact us on email, phone, Facebook or msn if you have a query. Someone is available most days on Facebook for a live chat to help you with your queries and orders.

Unfotunately, it has come to our attention that more than one website/business is offering cheaper versions of our phat pants. Be warned that imitation styles you order from other companies or individuals are not original Alternategear designs, and are made of polyester and other cheaper materials of inferior quality. These thieves have used photos from our site also, you can clearly see our logo and website details on the stolen designs. We do not have any resellers anywhere on the planet nor have we authorised any individuals to sell our products. Our designs can only be purchased directly from our website or our ebay ‘Alternategearaustralia’ By purchasing one of our designs from unauthorised sources, you deny our young shuffler phat pant designers worldwide a payment that keeps them going with their passion!

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