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Contact lens Star
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Contact lens Star
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With the Fusion Backpack strapped on, every trek is an adventure - even a bus ride to work. That's partly because two large zippered compartments store everything you need, while a front zippered pocket and side mesh pouches are perfect for stashing those little extras, in case you change your mind and take the day off.
Contact lens Star Guide for using cosmetic contact lenses

Make sure your environment is clean, well lit, and free from dust.

Ensure your hands and fingers are clean and free from soap, oil, or detergent. Ensure hands/fingers are air dried prior to handling contact lenses (do not dry hands with a towel as tiny fibers can get stuck to your fingers and transfer to the lens, and then transfer to your eyes, causing irritation)

People with sensitive eyes or allergies are advised not to use cosmetic contact lenses.

Cosmetic contact lenses should be worn for no longer than eight (8) hours at a time.

Please consult your Optometrist before using cosmetic contact lenses ( for various things such as eye health, size concerns, etc...)

Store your lenses in a contact lens case with saline solution found at any chemist or pharmacy.

Diameter of all lenses is 14.

Please do not use after 90 days from the day you open. 90 days from the day you open it. Easy to use.

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