Frequently Asked Questions about Alternategear and its Services

  Alternategear customized merchandise and clothing for teens and young adults including our bestselling Phat pants.

First, browse product range. Once you’ve decided which product to purchase, select it and type in how many items you want to purchase. Add this to cart and follow prompts.

If you’re planning to order Phat pants, select a size in the drop down menu and put down measurements in the boxes underneath. A link to a template is available in the product description that guides you through the measuring process. To request a different design, add this to the “comments on order box” or contact us. Additional charges may apply for changing the pattern.

As long as the item(s) are unused and undamaged, we are glad to exchange them for a different size except if your item is custom made (phat pants, hoodies and suspenders are custom made for you ). Custom made items are only exchanged or refunded if we have made an error. If the error is yours we will help you sell the item through our site and Ebay(make sure it is unworn). Once we recover the money we will make a replacement item and ship it to you. If you cannot wait until we sell it you can pay us and get a replacement straight away. We will refund after we sell. We cannot tell you how long this will take.

Be sure to return the item(s) within 30 days from receiving them if you are overseas and 14 days if you are in Australia. You will be responsible for the postage cost unless we have made an error, which is very unlikely. Choose carefully, ask as many questions as you wish about fit, colour etc. If you want to return the product because you have changed your mind about the item(s), you need to pay for charges that will be incurred during the shipping of the item(s). If the error has been from Alternategear, then additional charges are incurred by us. If you are overseas we can only refund to a Paypal account.

Alternategear custom makes most of the items on its site so the time frames below apply for products. Most items are drop shipped. This can take a few weeks. Alternategear has standard time frames on our deliveries according to the product you order. Within Australia, the shipping may take 1 to 6 days (only for items in stock in Sydney only). For international shipping, please allow 10 to 14 days provided there are no postal delays. Revised & Improved delivery times for custom orders ( Phat pants, Hoodies and suspenders )
We have just the one phat pant makers 1. Crankypants. Crankypants Plain Phat Pants 5-7 weeks. Crankypants Phat pants approximately 5-8 weeks. Crankypants Hoodies 5-8 weeks. If you order Crankypants phats + hoodie bundle delivery 6-8 weeks Your design created by us or you purchasing one of our designs with modification – Phat pants approximately 7-8 weeks. Suspenders alone 4-6 weeks except ones in stock, check with us on stock. We are able to speedup delivery whenever possible. There will be some additional payment for us to be able to do so.

By default, we use post office services to send our items. Within Australia, we deliver through Express Post so please expect to have your items in 1 to 3 days, except for bulky items such as reflector sheets and laser lights that may not fit into the express bags (Only for items in stock in Australia – Reflective materials we do have in Sydney

You may contact us for your preferences in faster courier services. This will cost more than the usual rates

We can ship in 5 business days for orders with reflective materials for Phat pants that are in stock in Sydney & Overseas.
To check the availability of the items you wish to order, you may email us via contact form or message us through WhatsApp +61 407016262. No calls please.

Yes, tax is included in the price of the items. Import tax if any will have to be paid at your end. We are not responsible for that. Other than that, all you need to pay for is postage. Prices are in Australian dollars. To convert to other currencies use a phone app or a currency converting website

Postage within Australia cost for items in stock in Sydney is $15. International postage is calculated by weight and destination. Custom made items are made overseas so international postage fee applies for Australia and the rest of the world

Check the instructions for each item available on the wash care label.

T shirts – It is recommended that rubber and screen printed items are hand washed inside out. Most T shirts have rubber or screen print.

Phat pants, Hoodies with reflective material sew on (Crankypants designs ) and suspenders: Hand wash in cool water. Never put in a washing machine. Use a little detergent. Hang dry in the shade immediately after washing. Do not squeeze, wring or iron phats with reflective material. Hang them in a cool and dry place.

Phat pants are hand made to order overseas. It is fiddly and time consuming. The reflective material is sewn on to the material by an expert after laser cutting a template that is used to hand cut the patterns for the size of pants you order. A person can only make a pair or two a day so it is labour intensive. Because of the relatively smaller market we are not able to have many people on the job.

To get the size details of our major brands, please look under product description. If you have a query or size details are missing under a product please contact us.

You can email us using the contact form or Whatsapp or SMS at this mobile number: +61 407016262. If you need to talk on the phone please arrange a time to do so by messaging first.

We aim to respond to enquiries within 1 to 2 business days. If we appear to not respond within this time please check our response has not been treated as spam. Some email providers may mark our emails as spam or completely block them. Check your spam folder to see if our response is there.

Unfortunately we are unable to combine orders placed separately. Each order placed will be sent separately.

Yes. We ship to almost everywhere in the world. If your country is not included, please contact us. You could have a friend from another country order for you and forward the shipment to you.

Refer to point 3 ( above ) for estimated arrival time by brand. Estimated postage time below must be added to time outlined under point 3 to work out your orders arrival.

Remember: Alternategear make to order half of its’ products, drop ships’ some and the rest we have in stock. You may want to check before you purchase if you require your purchase for a specific date using the contact form. Shipping times are below. This excludes advertised manufacturing & handling.

Australia wide

Express post – 1 to 2 business days to most postcodes around Australia. Australia Posts’ conditions for this mode of shipment apply when you make your selection. No tracking available.


Ordinary airmail 3-4 weeks roughly and Speed Post 10-14 business days

We don’t accept phone or mail orders. Orders can only be placed online or via email (we will send you measurement and payment details when we receive your email. Rest assured, our online checkout process is secure and no credit card information is stored. Our bank’s payment system processes your credit card payment.

All prices on the site are in Australian Dollars (AUD). When your order is placed, the order total is also in AUD. When it’s charged to your card, your card company will convert the total to your country’s currency at the currency rate when it is processed. If you need to be refunded, the refund will be processed at the current currency rate. This may differ from the rate when your card was charged.

No, but registering on the site allows you to retrieve your delivery information quickly. Your credit card information never gets stored as this is only used for payment purposes.

We do not have a catalogue. Our designs are available to view only online 24 hours a day.
We do not have a warehouse or physical address for customers to visit..

Yes. We do offer bulk purchase discount. Email us with numbers and styles required for a no obligation quote

No you cannot but you can pay into our account. Check with us

We provide a refund or give you a store credit. This is your choice. Refunds within Australia are made by bank transfer or a transfer of money to your PayPal account. 

Credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.You can also transfer money across to us using international telegraphic transfer if you are overseas. Choose your preferred options when you purchase your item(s). If you select bank deposit you are sent our bank details in an email.

Your card could be declined for several reasons. Make sure the card number, expiration date, and security code are entered correctly. Also be sure we accept the card you are using. We Accept: Visa, Mastercard and American Express Check that sufficient funds available on the card and that the billing address matches the card used. If you continue to have problems using your card and have a PayPal account, try placing an order using PayPal instead or choose to pay by bank transfer .
The price advertised for all products includes local taxes. Add your desired shipment fee to the product price to bring you the exact cost of an item for delivery within Australia. International costs are charged according to weight, destination and the level of service you require. Approximate weight of our items are: Pant 1-1.5 kilograms Jacket/hoodie: 1-1.5 kilogram Suspenders 0.3-0.5kilogram 
Ship it to Alternategear P.O.Box 453 Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 Australia Phone: +61 407 016 262 (only after checking with us first). 
Australia Express post. Flat rate $15. Some items like Crankypants’ phat pants, hoodies, suspenders and bundles are now are made overseas so need to be shipped to Australia so will cost international rates to Australia and other destinations. Orders are calculated by weight. 
Only items we send via Speed Post internationally. We only send Speed Post if production has taken longer than expected.
Yes you can use any of the colours we have in the drop down menu of this product for no additional cost. Just tell us what you want done in the comments about your order before checkout or in an email to us stating order name or number

Do they glow in the dark ? They are colourful but they do not glow in the dark because the reflective material cannot absorb and hold light to emit later. However some colours do glow under a black light (to see and read about black light, type black light into google ). The UV/fluro/neon (glow under a black light ) colours are uv green, uv pink, uv yellow and uv orange. These are reflective also. .They reflect under a flash light, strobe or vehicle head lamp) and do not glow under a black light. The glow you see on pants in videos and photos is a result of the presence of a black light in the room and a strong light on it like from a flash for example. Any powerful source of light directly on the reflective material can make them reflect also.

The colours we have can be looked at going to the Creative category.

By default we use denim to make phats. We can use cotton also to create them but only for designs that use less amount of reflective material like our flat liners, electro, string etc. Designs like fusion, digital etc use a large amount of reflective material and will only look if denim is used to hold them.

The process of ordering is explained below. If you have any questions please contact us via the contact form

To purchase phat pants under our Crankypant phat pants category order the item of your choice sending us your measurements using the drop down. Use template available under HOW TO MEASURE for assistance to measure up.

For CUSTOM MADE PHAT PANTS AND SHORTS under the CUSTOM MADE category using your design draw/create (or you may want to add something you have in mind to one of our designs under Crankypants) and send us the design via email and explain what you want on your pants. Advise us on the colours you would like on your pair. You could send us links to something you have seen online and would like on your pants. Example: smiley face, stars, transformer etc. the pattern must be simple. We hand cut patterns sew on the pants so cannot do intricate designs. You may use one of our templates (under HOW TO MEASURE) that is on every pant and shorts page to draw on. If you are happy with our quote purchase using the link we send you with the quote. Once we receive payment our designer will create a Photoshop for your approval. We are happy to revise this initial design once (initial and final). Production will commence after you approve & pants will be delivered to you in approximately 8 weeks to your door worldwide.

PAYMENT options available are Credit card, PayPal and Bank transfer. If you live outside of Australia and would like to bank transfer here are the details to do so. You can pay at your end in your currency. Advise the bank that Alternategear needs to receive quoted amount including shipping in Australian dollars.

Alternategear Westpac account BSB 032298 and the Account number 305478 for Australian bank transfers.

For customers outside of Australia – international telegraphic transfer swift code WPACAU2S Westpac bank street address 31 Willoughby road in Crows Nest NSW 2065 Australia

MEASUREMENTS you are required to put in your details including measurements at the time of ordering by default. We will contact you if any measurements seem wrong. Refer to the template (click on HOW TO MEASURE on every phat pant, shorts and hoodie page under price) with description to assist you with measuring. You need to get the waist and length measurements absolutely right as they are critical.

Waist measurement is where you want the pants to sit. We also need hip, inner leg and length of pants so four measurements in total. Please do not add to the measurements you arrive at including the hip. Send us what you arrive at. The adding we do for you.

Once we have the order we will queue it up in that order and our designer will make it when the turn arrives and ship it to you to reach within advertised time frames (usually 5-8 weeks before you receive it)

Width of pants is 16 inches across down the bottom. They will be lightly smaller for smaller waists. If you want this to be less or larger you must advise us. If your waist is 34″ or under we cannot do more than 16″ across for bottom width. You can do so by email quoting your order name or number (immediately after you order only) or there is an area just before check out where you can make a comment about your order that we will receive with the order itself.

Please note we can create other waist sizes. If they are not in the drop down for you to pick please email us.

We have 10 colours available to use. These are dark blue, uv green, uv pink, uv yellow, uv orange, violet or purple, white/clear, gold and red. We can change the colour of the pattern for you at no additional cost depending on availability.

We custom make all phats so we can make any size. Size 38 inches around the waist or bigger can incurs an additional fee. This covers the additional postage cost incurred also.

Providing us with the right measurements will expedite the customization and will allow us to deliver the pants on time. We will email back if we have any


Customized phat pants from Alternategear have 6 months warranty from the day we despatch your order. To avoid destroying the pants, make sure that you wash them separately and have them washed by hand. Use a little amount of detergent and hang them dry as soon as you’re done washing in shade. Remember to not squeeze or wring the pants. Store phat pants in a cool place away from sun.

If you are interested in purchasing phat pants, make sure you get one customized from Alternategear right away. It’s easy, affordable and reliable.


Our hoodies are made using cotton fleece. Warranty and care are same as phat pants. Same with making a hoodie with your pattern on it.
You send us using the drop downs are Size (chest and length), length of sleeve, material colour and zip or no zip. We are not able to put zipper for hoodies that has a pattern on the chest middle. They need to be a pullover hoodie. If the chest and length combinations in the drop down is not suitable for you please select the right chest size and email us with the length via the contact us form