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Custom made Phat pants, Phat shorts, Hoodies, Suspenders, Reflective materials, Ready Made and ready to post Phat pants etc.


Alternategear introduced merchandise and custom clothing services that is extremely popular with teens and young adults. Our best sellers are Phat pants, Shuffle Hoodie and suspenders.

Alternategear’s Products

Alternategear have specialized in selling customized clothing and accessories since 2002. We sell a large range of rave, street and nightclub wear and accessories and our most popular product, Phat pants. We also customize pants, hoodies and more. Products are categorized as Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Accessories, Custom made, Creative etc. Alternategear clothing appeals to kid’s teens & adults that are into Electronic and Hard style music. They also wear these clothes to nightclubs and raves.

More about Alternategear

Alternategear sells custom made Phat pants and hoodies that we can personalize with your own sewn slogans and designs. To request custom made Phat pants, just purchase the pants sending us the measurements along with any other instructions you might have. Our website includes a guide under our FAQ. Please note Phat pants are totally different to ordinary pants like jeans. A template to measure up is available under every pair of Phat pants & hoodies. There are 8-10 colours to choose from.

Get Your Rear in the Gear

“Get Your Rear in the Gear” is Alternategear’s slogan. Alternategear used to have a physical store in Newtown and later in Darlinghurst from 2002 to 2009. Since then we have been operating online only.

Customized Clothing

Alternategear specializes in clothing customization. We customize Phat pants, hoodies and suspenders. We’re known for our excellent Phat pant customization. If you want us to customize your clothing, just make a purchase from our website and give us your measurements. For an additional cost you can give add your own design. Measuring guides are found on our website. Choose your preferred colour. Available colours include: deep blue, UV green, white, clear, UV yellow, UV pink and UV Orange. If you can’t find a design you like, send us your own to contact us  and we’ll make it for you.

Payment Methods for Alternategear

Alternategear accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal. We accept direct deposit/Netback from within Australia & overseas also. Please try the PayPal option if credit transaction does not work for you. Use on the website to send us a PayPal payment. You do not need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal, a credit card is sufficient.


Bank Name: Westpac Australia Name of Account Holder: Alternategear. BSB 032298 Bank Account Number: 305478


Alternategear Westpac account BSB 032298 Account number 305478 Swift code WPACAU2S. Westpac bank street address. 31 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest, NSW 2065, Australia Please note that on selecting to pay us through your bank outside of Australia, we will require you to send AUD$25 on top of the total cost of shipping the product to cover for what the intermediary bank charges to clear money into our account. You can pay in your own currency. Advise the bank that Alternategear needs to receive quoted amount including shipping in Australian dollars. Your bank will charge you a fee in addition to your quoted price. You should be able to pay us online or over the counter, at most bank branches outside of Australia. Alternategear’s ABN is 23236205097

Contacting Alternate Gear

For further details about Alternategear’s products contact us, or send us a text message or what Sapp at +61 407016262.